Tournament Rules and Policies


ACA prefers you register for all tournaments through our online registration system which offers the ability to register only then pay cash, check or credit card at ACA during tournament check-in or register then pay credit card online immediately.


Tournament check-in begins forty-five (45) minutes prior to tournament start time. Approximately 10 minutes prior to starting play, ACA will have a brief meeting with the teams to discuss rules and answer any questions.


NCAA Volleyball Rules apply to our competitive-level volleyball events.


Teams will be placed in pools according to their age (youth) or skill level (adult and family). Each team will play other teams in their pool and will be guaranteed to play 4-team pools, two games to 25, win by 2; 5-team pools, two games to at least 25, win by 2. We may make adjustments to scoring in pool play based on number of teams registered in each division and time constraints. Pool play usually concludes between 2 and 2 1/2 hours.


All teams go to bracket play, but we may have to subdivide age groups to make based on court availability and time constraints. In the event teams are tied after pool play, the teams will be seeded based on head to head then point differential – no play-off matches. Bracket play is single elimination with teams playing two games to 25, win by 2 but cap at 27. We may make adjustments to scoring in bracket play (i.e. do best 2 out of 3) based on number of teams registered and time constraints. Pool play and bracket play should complete in approximately 4 hours.


Rock, paper, scissors determines right to serve or to receive the serve.


A tournament director will be located at the tournament desk. The tournament director will maintain the pools and setup the brackets based on pool play. Teams will be given clipboards containing a score sheet, court numbers and teams. The scores of each game will be recorded on these score sheets. The score sheets for subsequent games on a particular court will be located at the tournament table too. After each game, the winning team should make sure the score sheet has the scores for the game and return the completed score sheet to the tournament desk.