National Travel Basketball Association

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No need to wait! Sign-up for NTBA membership today for insurance coverage through August 31.

No coach should assume the risk of leading a team without the security of insurance and a knowledgeable, honest support staff who can assist with all aspects of team operations.

As a proven nationally recognized organization, NTBA provides low cost-membership with Practice Site Insurance and excellent accident insurance for players and coaches at an annual flat fee of $75 per team.

Take these Steps for NTBA membership:

Step 1 – Complete Team Registration – for $75, it provides injury and Practice Site Insurance for up to 15 players and 3 coaches. Click here to register team online. Manage Your Team Online After Registration Purchase!

Step 2 – Complete Team Roster – Upon checking out of Team Registration option online, you will re-directed to your team roster page in your account to add coaches and players. Always keep your online Team Roster current by adding/deleting players anytime. This will ensure protection for every player.

Step 3 – Request Practice Site Insurance – As you complete online Team Registration, respond to the option for “Does the facility you practice in require a Certificate of Insurance?” NTBA provides your Practice Site Insurance at no additional cost. It is included in your $75 NTBA membership.

Step 4 – Complete & Maintain Release of Liability/Waiver Form – as added liability protection for NTBA and Team Coach, print out this form and have one parent/guardian sign for each player. Coach or General Manager should maintain completed forms. Click here for Release of Liability/Waiver Form.

Remember, as an NTBA member, you immediately save up to $15 off the registration fee for every Alamo City All-Stars’ tournament and up to $25 off the price of each of our year-round leagues.

Click here to learn more about National Travel Basketball Association, NTBA Rules, State Bids and Nationals.

Host an NTBA Event as a Fundraiser

If interested in hosting an NTBA event in Texas, Host-NTBA-Events for more information, and call Tom Brown at (210) 325-1720 to discuss.